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"Absolutely love your products. Your soap has made my skin feel amazing, younger and softer and with it you have the pleasure of the senses of smell, - real mind body and soul in a small package. Thank you so so much."

- a regular shopper (farmfolly soap).

"I gave the soap to my sister for Xmas she's been using it for 3 days now and the difference in her skin is like a miracle no exaggeration.  She is so thankful because she can use her fingers without the skin splitting. If we could get some more that would be amazing and she thanks you from the bottom of her heart your soap has done what 3 doctors and a specialist couldn't do . I will take what we can."
- a grateful sister (breastmilk soap).

"I started using the Himalayan pink salt bar during chemo and it worked wonders on my dry "chemo rash" face and it cleared it up so fast and was so soothed and moisturized after. I then used her twinkle baby soap on my radiation skin and once again soothed and moisturised."
an awe-inspiring customer (twinkle twinkle and pink dreams)