Farmfolly is taking some time to harvest, infuse and re-energise. The online store will be closed until spring but we will be working hard to ensure our beautiful products are still available at our amazing stockists and select markets.

farmfolly undressed

Raising the bar one soap and moisturiser at a time.

Jemma’s love of crafty creations had been brewing in the background, until her little one arrived and she met like-minded first time mum Freya. Inspired by her new found mummy-friend, Freya jumped straight in and set farmfolly in motion. After each having a second child, Freya made a hard decision to leave farmfolly in Jemma's capable hands and focus on her family.

The business is founded on the knowledge that your skin is an organ and whatever you put on your skin can be absorbed straight into the bloodstream. Therefore the majority of ingredients across the range are safe and nutritious to consume. NB: farmfolly products feel better than they taste! We are also very eco-conscious, making every effort to ensure our packaging is all compostable.

farmfolly have established a dreamy range of scrumptious soaps, moisturisers deodorants and natural sun protection, and have plans to roll out more. The handmade creations draw inspiration from the Kaukapakapa farm and cleverly play with ingredients sourced from the land, creating products jam-packed with nature’s goodness.

‘Mum life’ defines the range. If we need it, we will make it for families everywhere. It’s perfectly, imperfect and that’s all part of the fun.