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Orewa Ocean Fresh
Orewa Ocean Fresh

Orewa Ocean Fresh

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The smell and feel of beautiful Orewa beach.

 Fresh linen and Orange Blossom infused with Coconut cream, Shea butter, natural Clay's, homegrown Calendula infused Apricot oil,  poppyseeds to gently exfoliate and fresh kawakawa and dried flowers.

This is a beautiful soap, Inspired by the ocean to  nourish and moisturise your skin.

Avoid contact with eyes, it is a natural soap and will let your eyes know!

For a longer lasting lather, store me on a well-drained soap tray to dry between use.


Ingredients: saponified oils of: (coconut, apricot infused with calendula, shea butter, canola, castor), water, coconut cream, kaolin clay, rooibos tea, blue mica, poppyseeds, orange blossom, fresh linen fragrance, kawakawa, dried flowers and Shelley beach (Southhead) shell on top.