Rosehip & Goats Milk

Rosehip & Goats Milk

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A nourishing, gentle soap made with goats milk and infused with rosehips from the farm. Antioxidant rich and moisturising, this soap is perfect for sensitive skin. It has a distinctly milky smell with no scents added.

All the oils have been infused with rosehips under gentle heat for 24 hours. The strained oil is then rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. The addition of goats milk adds vitamin A to the soap which helps repair damaged skin and may benefit skin issues such as acne and psoriasis. The soap has been allowed to process in very cold conditions so as to retain as many nutrients as possible from the raw ingredients.

For a longer lasting lather, store me on a well-drained Soap Pallet to dry between use.

Rosehip infused soaponified oils of: (olive, coconut, tallow, sunflower, shea butter, castor), goats milk, kaolin clay.