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Ginger and Chamomile Face Soap
Ginger and Chamomile Face Soap

Ginger and Chamomile Face Soap

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Tingling Ginger, calming Chamomile and moisturising Coconut cream are the three main, nourishing ingredients that make up this face soap.

Ginger is a powerhouse full of antioxidants and toning properties that keep your skin glowing and hydrated. It reduces blemishes, pigmentation and acne causing bacteria. Great for teenage skin or problem skin prone to breakouts.

Comes with a 100% cotton homemade flower face scrubbie.


Avoid contact with eyes, it is a natural soap and will let your eyes know!

For a longer lasting lather, store me on a well-drained soap tray to dry between use.


Ingredients: saponified oils infused with kawakawa (olive, coconut, shea butter, soyabean, castor), chamomile tea, ginger essential oil, coconut cream, dried flowers.